Pre-built Replacement Wicks and Wires

Pre-Built CoilsBecause they were so cheap and I am so mechanically deprived that I can hardly put gas in the car without bleeding, I decided to order some pre-built replacement wicks and wires from Fast Tech.  For $6.80, you receive a 50-pack of pre-wrapped coils and wicks rates at 2 ohms.

Shortly before receiving this order, which arrived 3 weeks after the order was placed, I messed up the coil on one of my rebuildable drip atomizers.  So I was anxious to try these.  Because I prefer a cooler vape with higher resistance coils, I had plenty of wire remaining on these coils to add an extra coil loop on each side of the pre-built ones.  This raised the overall resistance to 2.2 ohms – not too far from the “standard” 2.4 ohms.  So it was nice to have that level of flexibility in application.

If you have ever ordered any of Fast Tech coil heads for Pro Tanks or EVODs, the silica wicking material used in this reminds me of that.   If you don’t have a very sharp set of scissors, you can really butcher and shred the end of it as you cut off the excess.  So I really recommend fingernail clippers.  And, according to the reviews, you can actually use these IN Pro Tanks and EVODs.

The coils and wicks come in 5 packages of 10 each in a cellophane type of bag.  These five bags come in a plastic box as shown in the image.  These little bags are fairly flat.  I would not put them in a wallet or anything that would flatten the coils, but they are small enough that you could put them in something like a toothpick holder or, but curling the wick a bit, store a 10-pack inside the metal key-chain case of a kick.  If you have a RDA that uses a standard screwdriver to loosen the posts, a couple of these could probably even fit in a portable eyeglass repair kit.  However you choose to store them, it is a convenience item and would be easy to  keep with your vape supplies should you be on the go and need a quick replacement coil.

Now when I mentioned these on the ECF forum, I got a lot of flack that buying pre-built coils eliminates the whole point of RDA’s.  So I’d like to address that point.  For many, the “point” of an RDA is the DIY mechanical build-it-yourself aspect of it.  But for folks like me who are into RDAs for the vaping experience it offers, having a bit of help in replacing the coils is a benefit.  And if you are like me, a newcomer to RDA’s, starting out with some pre-built coils teach you the whole dis-assembly and reassembly part of the process.  Being able to add a couple of coil loops once you have some started makes for a good learning curve to starting from scratch.  I have some ekowool and kanthal in hand and will, eventually, be doing my own from-scratch stuff.  But until I get there, these are nice to have and will be very convenient to keep with me for quick re-builds that might be necessary in the future.

Overall, I’m glad I purchased these.  Considering that they can be used on my RDA’s, in my Pro Tanks, and in my EVOD-style Dbox Dube‘s that take the same replaceable coil heads, I think I’ll be getting a lot of use from them.  And considering that they were 13.6 cents each, I don’t have to feel too guilty if I mess up a few in my learning process.  On a scale of “buy”, “try”, and “don’t buy”, these get a “buy” from me.